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Buying Guide - Downlights


Our LED fire-rated downlights (sometimes known as recessed lights, pot lights or can lights) are mostly used for ceiling lighting in kitchens and bathrooms. However, downlights can be used practically anywhere, even outdoors. There are a few things to consider.


As the trim of the light is visible it is important to take in to consideration the decor and size of the room you want it placed. We offer a variety of finishes for the trim such as: polished chrome, satin chrome, white and brass.

Colour Temperature

The next thing to consider is the colour temperature of the bulbs for the fitting. Warm white would work better in relaxed areas such as living rooms and bedrooms. Cool white tends to work better in kitchens and bathrooms where a clearer light would be more beneficial.

Beam Angle

This refers to the area of light provided by the bulb. If you're using a downlight for accent lighting then a narrow beam spread bulb would be best for that purpose. A wider beam spread would be better suited for general purpose. Click here for more information on beam angles.

Lumens and Wattage

The brightness of the bulb is important to the look you are going for and should also be taken in to consideration. Wattage is usually confused with the brightness of the bulb. However, wattage refers to how much power the bulb consumes and has no relation to how bright LED bulbs are. The brightness of the light is measured in lumens.


Downlights need to be placed strategically for the desired effect. The size of the fixture can affect placement. Placing downlights too close together or in a straight row can create a jarring effect. Try to use larger downlights for rooms with high ceilings and smaller fixtures for rooms with lower ceilings.

Fire Rated

Also known as fireproof or fire preventative. All of our downlights are fire-rated. For more information see: Fire Rated Downlights


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