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Osram Spylux Motion Sensor - Wireless LED Light

Product Code: x3730

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Product Information

LED Motion Sensor · Wireless · White Light · Battery Powered

The Osram Spylux automatic LED night time motion sensor lamp. A great little light with low power usage and a long battery life. Ideally suited for use in the garage, attic and other dark corners around the home. Features:- Can be mounted with screws, adhesive strip or magnet, torch can be removed from its holder as needed, motion sensor detects movement up to 4m.

** Takes 3 x AAA batteries **

Fitting: Battery Powered Approx. Equivalent: N/A
Power Consumption: 1W Input Power (v): 4V
Lumens: N/A Power Factor:
Useful Lumens: Colour Temperature (k): N/A
Beam Angle: Detects movement up to 4m CRI:
Dimmable: No Warm-up Time:
Life Expectancy (hrs): N/A Dimensions (W x L) mm: 68 x 100mm
Switching Cycles: Warranty: 2 Years
Product Code:
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    Business Research Analyst, Anna Son, said: "As buyers have increasingly started investing in upgrading their facilities with more technology advanced lighting fixtures, demand for security lights has picked up, causing prices to follow suit."

    Visit SimplyLED for a range of brands (security and non-security) at incredible prices.


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