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Monthly Archives: September 2012

  • NxtGen Series II Has Arrived

    Earlier this year we launched the SimplyLED NxtGen Series of LED lighting featuring GU10, MR16 and E27 fittings. This product launch was the result of months of hard work, rigorous testing and discussions with our customers.

    Soon after the launch we surveyed each customer who had purchased a NxtGen product. The results were exceptional with 86.1% of customers rating their NxtGen LEDs as a suitable replacement for their old light bulbs. Continue reading

  • #Eco Tweeters – 7 Of The Best

    We’ve been using Twitter at SimplyLED for almost 2 years now and what I enjoy most about this social network is the ease with which it enables us as a company to engage with our customers and community.

    During this time we’ve been fortunate enough to have the opportunity to interact with some great companies and individuals. If like us you’re passionate about #eco issues and saving energy then here are 7 of our favourite ‘tweeters’. Continue reading

  • Police find innovative use for LED lighting

    LED lighting is perfect for bicycles. The bulbs are bright and last for years. They also consume very little power. This means you don't have to carry a cumbersome heavy battery pack. Continue reading

  • How LED lighting improves photography

    Photographers are increasingly aware of the benefits of LED lighting. LED bulbs produce a versatile, natural-looking light. This enhances the appearance of photos more successfully than traditional light sources. Continue reading

  • LED Spotlights and their many uses!

    LED spotlights have many uses. Their bright crisp light and low energy consumption makes them the perfect choice for almost any situation. Take a look at these ideas below to see what you could do with an LED spotlight! Continue reading

  • LEDs In The Developing World

    LED lights not only have their uses in reducing energy bills and bringing interiors into the 21st century but they could play a far more important role in the developing world with environmental, health and standard of living benefits. Continue reading

  • Light meals – how LEDs and light can be used to enhance food

    Have you noticed how the food on the supermarket’s ready meal’s packaging always looks far more delicious than the end product when it reaches your plate? This is largely down to the use of lighting. Light is an essential aspect of photography – in fact, the word ‘photography’ literally means ‘writing with light’ – and it is manipulated to great effect by food photography specialists. Continue reading

  • European and international lighting legislation

    Lighting legislation is changing around the world. Many governments have accepted the need to promote new lighting systems such as LEDs, in order to reduce energy bills and protect the environment. Continue reading

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