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  • Best light for studying | Back to school

    What is the best light for studying?

    It’s hard to believe summer holidays are almost over and it’s time to go back to school again. It is a perfect time to start afresh and declutter your child's room making sure it is study friendly with an exclusive learning area. The right lighting is absolutely crucial for a fruitful studying session. The start of a new school year is the perfect occasion to check your child’s room lighting.

    Colour temperature spectrum


    Many studies have proven cooler/ whiter light temperatures can increase concentration and reduce the strain on eyes. Colour temperature can be easily understood when comparing it to the phases of natural lighting. It is expressed in Kelvins (K) and rages from around 1000K to 7000K. The lower on the scale the more orange light, while another end of the spectrum gives blue light undertones. For example, the light output from a light bulb with 1000K colour temperature can be compared to the light observed during sunrise or sunset with orange undertones. For study purposes, it is recommended we use light bulbs with colour temperature ranging from 4000K to 6500K. These are described as Daylight and Cool White.


    Layering and task lights


    Light layers and task lighting

    Another factor to consider while choosing new study lighting is a method called “light layering”. Where your room is illuminated from many different sources reducing light contrast between different parts of the room. This is usually paired up with “task lighting” which provides light for a specific purpose like the addition of a desk light for studying in a room which already has some ambient lighting.

    It's simple

    The easiest way of updating the lighting in your child room is to swap existing light bulbs to energy-efficient LED one in cool white or daylight. Simply check the wattage and cap type of your existing one and find an LED equivalent.  LEDs are much safer as they don't get hot which means they are more child-friendly than traditional incandescent ones. Try  Candle LED in Daylight or Cool White. If however, you prefer a traditional shape of light bulb checks out GLS in Cool White or Daylight. For smaller bedside lamps we recommend Golf Ball shape light bulbs which will perfectly adorn petite lighting. Also available in Cool White and Daylight.

    Taking these easy steps will guarantee your child the best learning environment for achieving their scholar goals and reaching their dreams.


  • How to achieve the perfect Christmas Lighting

    A few tips on the best way to achieve the perfect Christmas lighting scheme.

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  • Halloween Decorating Ideas

    Some creative decorating projects that are great for Halloween!
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  • Just Added: Briteideas Fairy Lights

    Briteideas LED Fairy Lights have just been added to the website. The twinkling lights look great draped around a Christmas Tree and can be used indoors or outdoors.
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  • Brighton Marina goes LED

    Back in 2008, the UK's largest marina complex, Brighton Marina, was lit up by Philips.

    The marina is 500,000 sq ft and already hosts a range of retail, leisure and residential development companies and with Philips making the marina more energy efficient, it is hoped to attract more visitors and businesses.

    The lighting has been used to successfully highlight the attractions of the marina, giving it a more vibrant atmosphere, as well as making it more safe and secure. A major contributor in making Brighton Marina one of the city's top attractions with over 8 million visitors a year.
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  • Chelsea FC go LED

    Chelsea FC have become the second football club in the Premier League to announce the decision to move to LED floodlighting. The first was Southampton. More clubs are expected to make the switch due to broadcast standards.

    Southampton is scheduled to play a home match on the 9th of August and Chelsea on the 12th. The referee will decide if the LED floodlights are switched on.
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  • Safety and Security

    As you will of heard, some council’s decisions to turn off street lights have left residents feeling unsafe and vulnerable. People believe that darkness causes an increase in crime, and an unlit street can pose danger. The same can be said for an unlit house. If your house is completely in the dark it can be unsettling to think that your house could be a target for crime. Vandalism could occur without you even realising it. Continue reading

  • LEDs for the Garden

    The American Society of Landscape Architects released results of its 2014 Residential Landscape Architecture Trends Survey. The results showed that, not surprisingly, lighting topped the list of in-demand outdoor living features.

    There are plenty of new ways to illuminate your garden with LEDs. As I’m sure you’re aware, LEDs are a long-lasting and low-energy way of lighting your home or garden, giving a beautiful appearance while being good for the planet and your wallet!

    Whatever your needs are for outdoor lighting whether it’s safety or decorative, Simply LED have got you covered.
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  • LED Floodlights: the Advantages

    Floodlighting has become an important part of security for homes and businesses alike. Whether connected to a motion detector or for use to light a garden at night, flood lighting has become an integral part of security in today’s society.

    Homeowners and businesses have enough to deal with in these harsh economic times than needing to worry about changing floodlights. That’s why LED Floodlights offer the client not only an exceptional dispersion of light but also a bounty of advantages, which are only available when you use LED Floodlights. Continue reading

  • Glow your own! Light up your garden with LEDs

    The British are known for their love of gardening. Prince Charles talks to plants, the Chelsea Flower Show is the best-known garden show in the world, and more Brits are running allotments than ever before. Whether you’re a budding botanist or just enjoy some fun in the sun, the garden’s a great place to escape to, and there are endless ways to decorate and illuminate it with LEDs to make it more idyllic. Continue reading

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