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Tag Archives: LEDs

  • Debate over change in lights

    After the City of Lethbridge changed their streetlights to energy efficient LEDs, a lot of residents didn't agree with the change. Some residents have complained that the lights are too bright and can disrupt sleep whereas other residents prefer the lights because of the increased visibility as well as 'keeping thieves at bay'.

    One of the residents who complained, Ken Kellett, said: "Basically the streets are lit up like a stadium. We've ultimately put in tinted windows."

    Lethbridge City spokesman, Darwin Juell, said: "People were complaining adamantly that it was brighter and they could read out of their bedroom window at night, but when we measured, it was actually dimmer or the same level as it was with the old HPS light. Change is hard for anybody."

    With new LED technology light pollution is a thing of the past as new LEDs can be controlled of how much light they emit. Take a look at our dimmable LEDs.

  • Gloucestershire Could Save Millions with LEDs

    Gloucestershire Council is expected to make millions through LED street lighting.

    A discussion has begun on whether the council should convert to LED streetlights. The council may be bringing into action a 12 year, £32 million contract which covers LED lighting and maintenance.

    Investment in LED lighting was approved as part of the Council Budget for 2014/15 through to 2017/18 in February. LEDs use less than half the energy of the original sodium lights.

    By switching to LED streetlights the council hopes to save about £17 million over the next 25 years.

    This will also help the council meet it's carbon reduction target because of the low energy.

    Cabinet member for Highways and Flood, Councillor Vernon Smith, said: "LED lighting is a modern, energy efficient system with many benefits. It will mean we are using less energy and reducing our impact on the environment as well as saving money long term."

    See how much you could save with LEDs

  • Glasgow's Arena is lit up for the Commonwealth Games

    The SSE Hydro Arena in Glasgow has been given a makeover. According to Pollstar, the arena is the fourth most popular venue in the world.

    The SSE Hydro Arena was designed by Foster + Partners and fitted with specialist lighting by Arup. The 13,000 capacity venue will be holding the 20th Commonwealth Games on the 23rd of July.

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  • Airports, Hospitals and Supermarkets going LED

    Households could be paying for LED lighting in supermarkets, airports and hospitals.

    This is part of an attempt by the energy department to reduce the UK's power usage. The energy secretary, Ed Davey, announced that £20m of taxpayer money will be used for a trial scheme where businesses are offered funding to carry out 'energy efficiency improvements'. This includes things like changing an average bulb for an LED.

    Businesses will take part in a 'reverse auction' where they will bid for either the entire cost covered or just part of it. More than over 300 businesses have expressed an interest in the scheme.
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  • LEDs for the Garden

    The American Society of Landscape Architects released results of its 2014 Residential Landscape Architecture Trends Survey. The results showed that, not surprisingly, lighting topped the list of in-demand outdoor living features.

    There are plenty of new ways to illuminate your garden with LEDs. As I’m sure you’re aware, LEDs are a long-lasting and low-energy way of lighting your home or garden, giving a beautiful appearance while being good for the planet and your wallet!

    Whatever your needs are for outdoor lighting whether it’s safety or decorative, Simply LED have got you covered.
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  • SimplyLED Partner with Integral LED, here's why...

    SimplyLED have recently partnered with Integral LED and now bring their superb range of new LED bulbs to the public.. Continue reading

  • How LEDs helped make a Mercedes-Benz car 'invisible'

    When engineers and scientists want an ingenious and flexible lighting solution, they turn to LEDs. But they are not the only ones to appreciate the versatility of LED technology. Advertisers also now using LEDs to create some startling concepts, one of which is the invisible Mercedes-Benz car! Continue reading

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