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NxtGen 5W GU10 Blue LED Spotlight



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NxtGen 5W GU10 Blue LED Spotlight

Product Code: SL7007

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Was £8.99 5W (50W) · GU10 · Spotlight · Non-Dimmable · Blue · 30,000 hrs

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NxtGen 5W GU10 Blue LED Spotlight

Compared to our acclaimed GU10 SMD5050 bulb, this new NxtGen Series II GU10 bulb features an increase of 100 lumens on both the Warm White and Cool White versions. Additional features include improved heat management thanks to our specially designed and tested casing, Class 2 Double Insulation and protective Safety Fuses.

Furthermore, our unique plastic lens both hides the visible LED SMD chips to improve aesthetics, and also alters the beam angle to a more suitable 60 degrees while maintaining the correct colour temperature from different viewing angles.

Please look at the halogen / LED comparison photograph for this product to see how bright they actually are! These bulbs require no transformers / LED drivers. They will simply replace any GU10 bulb you may have!

Fitting: GU10 Approx. Equivalent: 50
Power Consumption: 5 Input Power (v): 240
Lumens: N/A Power Factor: 0.50
Useful Lumens: N/A Colour Temperature (k): N/A
Beam Angle: 60° CRI: TBC
Dimmable: No Warm-up Time: < 1 second
Life Expectancy (hrs): 30,000 Dimensions (W x L) mm: 50 x 56
Switching Cycles: 100,000 Warranty: 2 Years
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