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LED Fire Rated Downlights

LED Fire Rated Downlights

A wide range of fire rated downlights from trusted trade brands with modern and sleek design, providing focused illumination for functional areas of the home. A fire rated downlight includes special materials that expand when heated and seal the cutout. This slows the fire long enough for anyone overhead to escape. The fire rating of a downlight has to match the fire rating of the ceiling, maintaining its minimum period of fire resistance.

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  • Phoebe Dim LED Fire Rated Downlight 8.5W Firesafe Tri-Colour CCT 60° White and Brushed Nickel IP65 Image 1
  • Phoebe Dim LED Smart Wifi Downlight 8.5W Firesafe Tuneable White 60° White or Brushed Nickel IP65 Image 1
  • Phoebe LED Downlight Dimmable 10W Tuneable White + RGB Spectrum Wifi IP65 Image 1