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LED Drivers

When it comes to LED Drivers or Transformers it is important to know that not all LED 12v bulbs are compatible with all drivers/ transformers. This usually comes down to a case of trial and error and may involve testing different brands of 12v LED bulbs with the driver/transformers.


When a bulb isn’t compatible with a driver/transformer it will show this by strobing, flashing or flickering. This would mean that this particular bulb isn’t right for the driver and you need to try something else. When this occurs you can return your bulbs hassle free to us for a full refund.


Something to be fully aware of is the load/wattage limitation for your driver or transformer. If the maximum is 50w and you are replacing halogens for LEDs then you must make sure your LED bulb is no higher than ‘equivalent to’ 50w.


However, this changes if you have an LED Driver. The maximum wattage then refers to the ‘actual wattage’ of the bulb.


As you can see below:


The Approx. Equivalent is 50w – which you would refer to using an average driver


The Power Consumption is 5w – which you would refer to when using an LED driver