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LED Small Bayonet Cap

The B15d small bayonet cap (SBC) is usually found on smaller lamps and light fittings, such as table lamps and smaller wall lights. They look like the standard B22d bayonet cap bulbs, except the fitting is narrower. It is a ‘push-and-twist’ type of cap, and can be identified by the small horizontal points that protrude from the base of the bulb.

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The B15d small bayonet cap (SBC) is most commonly found on lamps and light fittings that require a smaller light bulb. It resembles the standard B22d bayonet cap, but it is noticeably narrower, ideal for desk lamps and decorative lights like chandeliers and pendants.

As its name suggests, LED light bulbs with SBC caps are simply screwed into the fitting, making them easy to replace. When fitting new SBC bulbs, be careful not to apply too much force, as this could cause them to break or malfunction.