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Capsule LED Light Bulbs

LED Capsule Light Bulbs

LED capsules are designed to replace the halogen capsules found in many kitchen units and fittings. They retrofit to existing fittings, making it easy to replace your old bulbs, and their energy efficiency and long life makes them a future-proof alternative to traditional capsules. They are available in two types: G4 and G9 capsules. The biggest difference between the two is that LED G4 capsules tend to be low voltage bulbs, so need to be used with a compatible transformer.

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  • Osram LED Capsule 6.3W B15 Special T Slim Warm White Clear (60W eqv) Image 1

LED capsules offer a long-life, energy saving alternative to the traditional halogen capsules found in many kitchen units and fittings.

As they are retrofit to existing fixtures, it is easy to replace your old bulbs.

They are available in two main types: G4 and G9. G4 capsules are low voltage versions, mainly used in cooker hoods and integrated kitchen spotlights, so you may need to remove the fixture itself to access the bulb within. Their fittings look like two small vertical spikes protruding from the base of the bulb, and they simply slot into the lamp.

G9 capsules look similar to G4 capsules, but can be distinguished by their fittings, which look like two small loops at the base of the bulb. Unlike low voltage G4 capsules, LED G9s operate on mains voltage, but have similar uses. They are also retrofit to existing fittings, and installing them is easy (once you've accessed the lamp), as they simply slot into place.

If you're not sure how to access the bulbs within integrated kitchen fittings, or if you're not sure about replacing low voltage bulbs, we advise you contact a professional electrician to help.