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Reflector (PAR) LED Light Bulbs

LED Reflector (PAR) Light Bulbs

LED PAR and Reflector bulbs are ideal for when you need a bright, directional light source, such as in kitchens or workspaces. They emit a much more focused light than standard GLS bulbs, thanks to the small reflectors within the bulb that control and direct the light more efficiently. The number of a PAR or reflector bulb (e.g. PAR20, PAR30) denotes its size, in units measuring 1/8 of an inch.

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  • Osram LED R50 Reflector 1.5W E14 Parathom Warm White 36° Diffused Image 1

LED PAR and Reflector light bulbs offer a bright, directional source of light, and are ideal for kitchens and other workspaces.

The many small reflectors within these bulbs control and direct light much more effectively than standard GLS bulbs, making it much more focused.

PAR bulbs are denoted by a number (e.g. PAR20, PAR30), which refers to the size of the spotlight, in units measuring 1/8 of an inch. The lumens output of these bulbs is mostly determined by their size, but the spread of the beam (also known as the beam angle) is also important. The wider the beam angle the greater the area that the light will cover. Narrow beams are more suited to lighting specific objects or areas within a room, such as kitchen worktops, while those with a wider beam angle are better suited to more general lighting purposes.

The majority of LED reflectors use an E27 Edison screw cap or E14 small Edison screw, so they can be used with many standard light fittings.