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LED T5 tubes replace the traditional fluorescent tubes found in many offices and workplaces today. They measure 16mm in diameter and, unlike T8 tubes, can be installed in one continuous strip along the ceiling. They also offer an excellent lumen output with a low wattage, saving you a significant amount of money compared to fluorescent tubes.

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T5 LED tubes offer a long-lasting, energy efficient alternative to traditional fluorescent tubes. Measuring 16mm in diameter, they are narrower than T8 tubes, but are ideal for lighting commercial areas such as kitchens and offices. Unlike T8 tubes, T5 LED tubes can be installed in one continuous strip, and they have a great lumens-to-watt output, meaning they emit the same brightness as traditional tubes, but use only a fraction of the power to do so.

The fittings on T5 tubes are two small horizontal pins at each end, sometimes referred to as G5 fittings, as the pins are 5mm apart. The tubes are easy to install, but extra care should be taken when fitting any LED tube, as they are quite fragile.