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Ground and Deck Lights

LED Ground and Deck Lights

From spike lights for lining paths and walkways, to recessed deck lighting, we have a wide range of solar powered ground lights that will help you make the most of your outdoor space. LED lights are reliable, energy efficient alternatives to traditional incandescent and halogen bulbs, and their long lifespan means that once they are installed, they won't need replacing for years.

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Solar-powered LED ground and deck lights offer a simple, affordable way to make your garden stand out. The energy efficiency of LED lighting means that once the lights are installed, it will be years before they need replacing.

Solar-powered spike lights are easy to install and can make any garden feel more welcoming. They can be lined along paths and walkways, or grouped together to make the most of your garden features. Integrated deck lights will turn your decking area into a more relaxing, inviting space when night draws in. Perfect for summer parties.