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Part Number: SL6222

Lyyt LED Heart Infinity Mirror Pink Wooden

Part Number: SL6222

Lyyt LED Heart Infinity Mirror Pink Wooden

Shape: Heart


Colour of Light: Pink


Dimmable: No


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Lyyt LED Heart Infinity Mirror Pink Wooden

  • Colour Output: Pink
  • Dimensions: Width=190mm Depth=160mm Height=50mm

Create a magical illusion with a heart-shaped wooden frame light and infinity mirror. Features bright pink LEDs and an optical mirror effect, giving a contoured infinity appearance - an excellent addition to any bedroom or bathroom, the heart infinity mirror also makes a superb sensory toy!.

A stunning talking piece that’s also perfectly usable as a normal mirror for everyday use. The surface at the back of the infinity mirror is 100% reflective – exactly like a normal mirror – but the front surface is only 50% reflective and therefore casts back about half of the light that hits it. This means that some of the light escapes through the front mirror and into your eye. The rest is bounced back off the rear mirror, then into the front mirror again, and this process continues off to infinity – hence the name. When you sandwich strips of pink LED lights between the two mirrors, a little bit of light escapes each time and each successive LED will look a little bit dimmer until they gradually disappear.

Powered by 2 x AA batteries and an on/off switch, this light is ideal to place anywhere in the house as a unique decoration.

  • LED Heart
  • No - Not Suitable for Dimming

Attribute Value
MPN 155.636UK
Barcode 5015972201626
Technology LED
Shape Heart
Colour Pink
Dimmable No
Manufacturer Lyyt
Dimmability No - Not Suitable for Dimming
Colour Description Pink
Finish Wooden
Width 190mm
Depth 160mm
Height 50mm