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Here's What Our Customers Have To Say

From Andrew, Middlesex

I have been SO pleased with the LED bulbs that I bought a while back. They are seriously good as replacements for 50W GU10s, and I have no doubt that these ones will be even better.

We are moving house shortly, and I plan to get as much of our new lighting over to LED as possible. I look forward to putting in an order in due course.

Keep up the great work, and here’s hoping that sales will increase so that prices can start to come down.




From Dan, Cheshire

Just received your nxtgen gu10 non-dimmable warm white lamps that I ordered yesterday. Finally we are there, it seems! I’ve ordered at least half a dozen different GU10 led lamps from different suppliers (including you previous smd 5050 version, which I sent back because the colour rendering was unpleasant – I’m very sensitive to this), and done goodness knows how much research and reviews reading online, but this one really, finally, ticks all the boxes:

  • Properly bright – really a 50w replacement.
  • Good colour rendering (I’m really sensitive to this) – whiter that halogen but an even spectrum, clean light.
  • Sensible beam angle – not too narrow like many of the cree lamps but not an unfocussed flood, like most smd lamps.
  • Instant on.
  • Same size as traditional halogen (or close enough that it would make no difference to 99% of fittings).
  • Aesthetically okay – they do look quite different from a halogen or a cree (which looks fairly similar to halogen) but your new lens does make them much more acceptable.
  • A bearable price.

The only thing that remains to be answered is their longevity. This is something that annoys me still (not unique to SimplyLED, of course). This lamp is rated at 35,000 hours. If the lamp were left on 24/7 (so not remotely typical usage) that’s a whisker (a day and a bit) under four years... so why do you only stand behind your product for 12 months? Even if 35,000 hours is the mean or the median fail point, if it’s remotely accurate you ought to be able to offer, say, a three year replacement warranty without any fear of losing out and it would give customers much greater confidence in the product’s claims. As it stands, my usage is probably 3-4 hours per day so, if the lamp fails after a couple of years I will definitely be out of pocket compared to sticking with halogens.

But that’s my only grumble... and I’m gambling for now as I’ve just ordered another five.




From Michael, County Durham:

All the 47 LED lamps supplied by you are giving 100% perfomance. Brilliant products.




From Joan, Lochwinnoch:

Dear sirs, I have just received my order, and I must thank you for the very efficient and rapid delivery time. We will be replacing all our lights to LED and you will certainly get our custom. Thank you once again.




From Ian, North Lincs:

Just received the final part of my order (total of 15x LED 3x 2 watt bulbs) and wanted to compliment your company.  The price for a start was the best, no P+P and best of all the speed of the delivery.  I hardly ever see this kind of service any more so it is nice to see someone can still provide it.

Best of luck, Regards

Ian D.
(A very satisfied customer)




From Don, Wirral:

Many thanks for your excellent service and for the speedy response/delivery of my orders.  I also wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the G4 LED units and transformer/drivers.  I ordered two bulbs on the website late one recent Tuesday evening as I wanted to test which type (cool or warm) would be most suitable. They arrived early Thursday morning by recorded delivery and I decided that the warm was better for my 12 kitchen under-cupboard spots.  The following Wednesday morning I ordered the remaining 10 bulbs together with the 12v transformer units and they arrived by UPS at 10.30am the next day -a truly outstanding service. The LEDs look amazing and were so easy to fit as a direct replacement for the 12v 20w halogen capsules.  Not only do they make the spots look trendy I am also drastically reducing my energy bill (12 halogen capsules consumed 240w compared with the 12 LEDs totalling approximately 20w!) with excellent light output.




From Shane, Camberley:

I just wanted to write to say how pleased I was with the GU10 5050SMD bulbs I ordered from you and also my whole buying experience. Your company, products and your levels of service are rarely encountered today.  Any orders, questions, exchanges have been dealt with promptly, courteously and without any fuss. The bulbs are superb.  I have previously tried LED bulbs and these have not been a suitable substitute for the traditional 50 watt bulbs.  These bulbs however at 4 watts and with surface mounted diodes provide an excellent replacement source of light.  I wish I had come across these bulbs before we installed other low energy more traditional low energy GU10s in our dining room.  With SimplyLED's bulbs, you have instant full brightness, no minutes wasted waiting for the light as there is no warming up with an LED. The sturdy yet compact design also meant that we could put these in our hallway light fitting where the bulb bodies are exposed (not downlighters recessed into the ceiling) as they look attractive and fit convention GU10 fittings (something other low energy bulbs do not always do) Our only dilemma was whether to use White or Warm White.  In the end, we have White in the kitchen (brighter and more clinical in keeping with the kitchen design) and Warm White (less bright white, slighty warmer feel) better suited to our hall. Although it has been hard to spend what is seemingly a large amount of money replacing all the bulbs in our kitchen and hallway, the cost saving in the long run should vastly outweigh the initial conversion costs. Well worth the investment and thank you all at SimplyLED.  I wish you every success.




From Joan & Mike, Isle of White:

We just want to let you know how impressed we are with your company. The website was excellent and the information given there is the reason we bought from you, the emails responding to our order, the fantastic tracking and delivery service from UPS – well it is truly amazing – ordering on a Tuesday morning and having the LED bulbs in on Wednesday afternoon - not the service we’re used to living on the Isle of Wight! We’ll have no hesitation recommending you to anyone.

We replaced 5 GU10 Halogen bulbs with the 5 LEDs from you and our power consumption immediately dropped over 200 watts – will be ordering some more soon.




From Andy, Kent:

Just wanted to write and say how great your gu10 50w replacement led units are.

Like others in your testimonials section I have been trying to get my hands on decent LED GU10 replacements for my halogen bulbs. To say all the ones I had tried before were poor would be an understatement. I saw your demo photos of the LED replacement and thought I would give yours a try. Whilst in the back of my mind wondering if the photo's had been tinkered with. I now publicly apologise for my sinical and untrusting approach to you pics as your led replacements do exactly as you say they do.I bought 3 bulbs for my shower room and they are excellent. You would not know they are not halogen when on. I will now be be slowly replacing the other 20 odd I have around the house.

For anyone not sure I would go with the yellow hint ones superb!




From Alan, East Yorkshire:

Hi, just wanted to write to say how pleased I am with the LED lamps I received recently.

I could not find a review section on your website, but I would be pleased for you to publish extracts of this mail as a customer testimonial and may also post to other appropriate forums as I have spent many hours looking for a credible product with an independent review.

I tried a warm white lamp first as a sample as many others Cool White lamps I have tested have been just too white for comfort, but then decided to gamble and order the cool white as the warm was a little too yellow.   The Cool White is slightly warmer than some other Cree based alternatives that I have experimented with so I am exceptionally pleased particularly as these are at a much reduced price to many Cree variants claiming 35watt and above performance and easily perform in excess of a 35 watt halogen bulb.(hopefully I  can exchange the warm white one for a 240 volt version so I can trial these in other locations, so expect a return form and bulb soon, great to see a no quibble return policy too).

I ideally needed to minimise heat and have low consumption and I am pleased to say that these perform fantastically on both counts.  Once I have the 240v version I can compare output with my other 35 and 50 watt lamps that I have installed elsewhere on the normal lighting circuit, and plan to replace as many as I can particularly in the high use kitchen/dining areas. 




From Helen, Kent:

I collected the delivery today (& signed for it!) and wanted to let you know that I’m absolutely delighted with the GU10s.  The light is fantastic (really wasn’t sure about white or yellow light… work from home so need ‘daylight’ but in evening prefer less daunting illumination! Will consider dimmable bulbs next time, but compared to more ‘yellow’ non-LED bulbs, still delighted).

I tried 2 bulbs out as a trial and didn’t know what to expect, having spent copious amounts of money replacing GU10s from supermarkets/electrical retailers at varying prices, though not LEDs.  When funds permit I will definitely come back to you to replace our non-LED GU10s (and we have quite a few!) as I found your customer service attitude quite unbelievably brilliant!




From Tony, France:

Hi, just to let you know I received the bulbs this morning, now installed and superb. Much more like the 50w halogen, pleasing on the eye, much more comfortable, Our thanks once again for brlliant service.




From Niel, Kent:

I’ve had a light fitting in the kitchen for a number of years that uses GU10 bulbs, and because of the position of our kitchen in the house we have to have the lights on even during daylight hours. I’ve used traditional halogen bulbs in the unit (which get very hot and burn out quickly) and a number of low-energy alternatives, none of which gave the same quality or intensity of light as halogen bulbs. I thought I was going to have to stick with the halogen bulbs but then I discovered your website. I purchased some of your ultra high power LED bulbs and they have been a revelation – the light from them is at least as good as I was getting from the halogen bulbs, they run much, much cooler and they only use 12.5% of the energy of the equivalent halogen bulb. On top of them being a terrific product your service has been excellent – the bulbs arrived quickly, were safely packaged, and although one the bulbs had a faulty LED it was replaced quickly and efficiently after a simply e-mail. Excellent products and excellent service, I’d recommend you to anyone.




From Steve, Ipswich:

I received my three GU10 bulbs ref SMD 5050 today and would like to thank you for such prompt delivery, considering it was just after the Christmas holiday period.

I have long felt that leds are the real low energy route for lighting and have been using these in our GU10 down lighters for 3 years now, but I had great difficulty sourcing these originally in the UK, and the quality and intensity was not good, although in some rooms it didn't matter too much e.g. the downstairs cloakroom.

Last year I decided to see if I could purchase some led lamps to replace the 50 watt halogen GU10s in our kitchen diner, as there had been advances in the led technology and I hoped they would be almost as bright as the halogen. I paid £27 each for three of these from a UK supplier, and although they were an improvement from the earlier leds, they were nowhere near as bright as the halogen bulbs, and so we used them in another area.

I decided for some reason to have another look at led lighting when I was on holiday over Christmas, and chanced upon your website <> and thought I would take another chance as the price was much more competitive than the previous company, and you claimed that the SMD5050 was as bright as a 50 watt halogen. Our kitchen/ diner lights are in three units of three bulbs so I just ordered three to start with to see what they were like.

Well, all I can say is that I was totally stunned by the brightness, We chose the cool white as we like the purer look in the kitchen and in fact it is not blue tinged but just a natural daylight colour. The light is so bright that you could actually see a shadow as you moved, right under where the halogen light was positioned, so it would appear that the led lighting is even brighter than halogen.

Needless to say I am totally happy with the purchase, and have just placed another order for six more of these bulbs, and look forward to installing these and doing our bit to reduce our carbon footprint, and save money. It's incredible to think that they consume a fraction of the power of the traditional halogen lighting, and when you multiply it by 9 (the number of lights in our kitchen/ diner) they will pay for themselves fairly quickly.

I am perfectly happy for you to use this email as a testimonial as I am one very happy customer.


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