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LED Emergency Lighting

Emergency lighting is required for all workplaces and commercial environments. Choose between maintained emergency lights, which can be used day-to-day as regular lights, or non-maintained lighting, which only activates in an emergency. The reliability and long lifespan of LED emergency lighting gives you peace of mind that it will work when you most need it...READ MORE

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Emergency lighting is vital for any workplace or commercial environment. LED emergency lighting is reliable and long-lasting, so you can have peace of mind that employees and customers are kept safe at all times.

We stock both maintained and non-maintained emergency lights. Maintained luminaires are used like a normal light, using mains power in normal operation but then reverting to an integrated battery in the event of a power cut. Non-maintained emergency lighting is not used day-to-day as a normal light, but activates in the event of a power cut.

Deciding between maintained and non-maintained emergency lighting largely depends on the area in which it is going to be installed. If it is to be used in an area that sees a lot of footfall, then it would make sense to use maintained emergency lighting that you can use day-to-day. If, on the other hand, it is to be installed in a corridor that would only be used in an emergency, then non-maintained lighting is possibly the better option, as it doesn't need to be active all the time.