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Kitchen Appliance Bulbs

LED Kitchen Appliance Bulbs

Upgrading your kitchen appliance bulbs to LED light bulbs could help you save money and energy, and their long lifespan means that once you have installed them, it will be years before they need replacing again.

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  • Crompton Lamps LED Cooker Hood 4.7W E14 Warm White Opal (40W Eqv) Image 1
  • Crompton G4 Capsule LED Light Bulb 2W (10W Eqv) Cool White AC/DC Clear
  • Crompton Lamps LED Fridge/Freezer 2.7W E14 Warm White Opal Image 1
  • Crompton G4 Capsule LED Light Bulb 2W (10W Eqv) Warm White AC/DC Clear
  • Ledvance LED Battery Sterilization Box 5W UV-C Image 1

Here on SimplyLED we have a wide variety of kitchen appliance bulbs designed to replace your traditional incandescent and halogen bulbs.

LED light bulbs can save any household a significant amount of money, thanks to their long lifespan and energy saving qualities, and upgrading your kitchen appliance bulbs to LED will mean it is years before they will need replacing again. This is especially useful for those bulbs that are difficult to access, such as integrated cabinet lights and cooker hood bulbs.

If you're not confident about installing kitchen appliance bulbs, we would advise you to consult a qualified electrician to do the job.