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LED T8 Tube Lights

LED T8 tubes replace the traditional fluorescent tubes found in many offices and workplaces today. They measure 26mm in diameter and are primarily used to light larger, more open spaces. They are available in a variety of colour temperatures, from warm white to daylight, and they offer an excellent lumen output with a very low wattage.

T8 LED tubes offer a long-lasting, energy saving alternative to traditional fluorescent tubes, and are retrofit to existing fixtures, meaning installation is easy.

Ideal for lighting large commercial areas, such as warehouses and supermarkets, T8 tubes measure 26mm in diameter, and are available in a range of lengths. Unlike T5 tubes, they cannot be installed in one continuous strip, but they have an excellent lumens-to-watt ratio, meaning they're as bright as traditional tubes, but use only a fraction of the power.

The fittings of an LED T8 tube look like two horizontal pins at each end, and are sometimes referred to as G13 fittings, as the distance between the two pins is 13mm. The tubes simply slot into their light fixture, but are quite fragile, so should be handled with extra care.