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LED Golf Ball LED Light Bulbs

LED golfball bulbs – also known as round light bulbs – are ideal for smaller light fittings and lamps. Their name alludes to their shape, as they look like golf balls with a light bulb cap attached. They are available in a range of cap types, from the standard B22d bayonet (BC) and E27 Edison screw (ES), to smaller versions, such as the B15d small bayonet (SBC) and E14 small Edison screw (SES)...READ MORE

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LED golf ball light bulbs are ideal for smaller lamps and light fittings. They are so named because they resemble a golf ball, and are sometimes referred to as 'round' bulbs. Desk lamps and smaller wall lights commonly use this type of light bulb.

Most LED golf balls are made of opaque thermal plastic. The 'pearl' or 'opal' filters on these types of bulbs produce a softer light ideal for light fixtures that have no shade, or which emit a more direct light. Transparent filament-style golfball bulbs are also available, and are designed to resemble traditional incandescent filament light bulbs. These are a stylish alternative to the standard thermal plastic bulbs.

You can find LED golf ball light bulbs with a range of caps, but they will most commonly have a B15d small bayonet cap (SBC) or E14 small Edison screw (SES), which are both used in smaller lamps and fittings.