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Food Display and Preparation Areas

LED Food Display and Preparation Area Lighting

It is important to have the right kind of lighting in busy workspaces such as food preparation areas. LED bulbs and tubes offer great brightness and use only a fraction of the power of traditional fluorescents. They are available in a variety of sizes and lengths, and all retrofit to existing fittings, making them easy to install.

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  • Crompton Lamps LED 5ft T8 Tube 24W Food Safe Shatterproof Cool White
  • Crompton Lamps LED 4ft T8 Tube 22W Food Safe Shatterproof Warm White

It is important to use sufficiently bright lighting in busy workspaces such as kitchens and food preparation areas. LED tubes offer great brightness, but use only a fraction of the power of traditional fluorescent tubes.

LED tubes with a cool white colour temperature are ideal for high-activity areas, but you can find them in warm white, neutral white and daylight variants. All LED tubes are designed to retrofit to existing fixtures, making them easy and inexpensive to install. Once they have been fitted, it will be years before they need replacing, thanks to the reliability and long lifespan of LED lights.