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Christmas Curtain Lights

Outdoor Christmas LED Curtain Lights

Create a stunning Christmas lighting display with these outdoor LED curtain lights. Utilising energy efficient LEDs they ideal for creating stunning illuminated backdrops for the festive season, special events and atmospheric evenings all year round.

Grid View
  • Lyyt-Connect 1.1m 5-Way Splitter Belt Image 1


    Lyyt-Connect 1.1m 5-Way Splitter Belt

    £5.38 inc. VAT
  • Lyyt-Connect LED Curtain Light 102 Connectible Cool White Image 1
  • Lyyt-Connect 1.2m 144 Cool White LED Connectable Outdoor Net Lights Image 1
  • Lyyt-Connect 5-Way Splitter Image 1


    Lyyt-Connect 5-Way Splitter

    £3.64 inc. VAT