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LED Curtain Lights

LED Curtain Lights

Ideal for covering large wall or window areas with a flurry of pretty fairy lights, these curtain lights are easy to install and stunning to look view. With multiple versatile uses, hang them from walls, windows, doors, gazebos and ceilings or drape them around a tree or bush for a fairy-tale garden look.

Grid View
  • Lyyt-Connect 5-Way Splitter Image 1


    Lyyt-Connect 5-Way Splitter

    £3.64 inc. VAT
  • Lyyt-Connect 1.2m 144 Cool White LED Connectable Outdoor Net Lights Image 1
  • Lyyt-Connect 1.1m 5-Way Splitter Belt Image 1


    Lyyt-Connect 1.1m 5-Way Splitter Belt

    £5.38 inc. VAT
  • Lyyt-Connect LED Curtain Light 102 Connectible Cool White Image 1