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LED Flood Lights

LED floodlights are a great way of keeping your home or workplace safe. They are available in different colour temperatures and with varying degrees of brightness, and as they are LED lights, they are energy efficient and long lasting.

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Installing a good floodlight is an effective way of keeping your home or workplace safe. LED lights are energy efficient and reliable, and last much longer than traditional halogen floodlights.

They are available in a variety of colour temperatures and different switching options, from simple on/off switches to motion-sensitive lights and 'dusk-till-dawn' floodlights, which activate when ambient light drops below a certain level and switch off again when it gets brighter.

You can find LED floodlights with varying brightness levels: a 1600 lumen light would be ideal for illuminating small gardens and driveways, while a powerful 22000 lumen floodlight are more suitable for large spaces like car parks.