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LED Strip Light

LED Strip Light

We stock self adhesive LED Strip Lights with a multitude of uses. Create stunning lighting effects to suit your mood. These LED strips can be placed under kitchen cabinets to provide subtle and hidden lighting, or can be used all around the house to provide ambient or decorative lighting.

They look great in bars and night clubs as feature lighting, or even outside - did we mention they're waterproof? Use our LED strip lights to achieve anything you can imagine.

Grid View
  • Phoebe LED 5 Metre Strip Kit 20W Flexi-Strip Warm White IP65 Image 1
  • Phoebe LED Dimmable LED 5 Metre Strip Kit 32W Flexi-Strip with Remote RGB IP65 Image 1
  • Phoebe LED 5 Metre Strip Kit 20W Flexi-Strip Cool White IP65 Image 1
  • Crompton Lamps Dimmable LED Smart Wifi Strip Kit 18W Tuneable White + RGB Image
  • Phoebe LED Flexi Strip Kit 10 Metre Strip Kit Driver 48W Cool White / Warm White
  • Phoebe LED Flexi Strip Accessory Kit Strip Kit
  • Phoebe LED

    Phoebe 60W 10m RGB LED Strip Light Driver

    £12.64 inc. VAT