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LED Standard Shape (GLS)

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The GLS light bulb, sometimes known as the A-series or A60 bulb, is the most common bulb on the market today. It is also the most recognisable, with its ‘classic’ light bulb shape. As they have been around for over a century, GLS bulbs have a range of uses, from general household lighting, to decorative and outdoor lighting. LED GLS light bulbs are available in two common cap types. The B22d bayonet cap (BC) is the ‘push-and- twist’ type of cap found in most standard light fixtures, while the E27 Edison screw (ES) GLS is also commonly found in fittings around most homes. GLS stands for General Lighting Service.

You can also find LED GLS bulbs in a range of finishes, from transparent filament-style bulbs designed to mimic traditional incandescents, to opaque thermal plastic or pearl bulbs, which emit a softer, more diffuse light. The energy efficiency of LED GLS bulbs means that you can save a significant amount of money by switching from incandescent bulbs. As they also last many times longer than traditional bulbs, it will be years before you need to replace them.

Whether it's for a ceiling light, wall light or floor lamp, there is now an LED GLS suited to replace almost any incandescent bulb. Fitting them is easy, simply a case of removing your old bulb from its fitting and replacing it with the new LED light.