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LED Security Lights

LED security lights are an energy efficient way of keeping your property safe after dark. They are available in various colour temperatures and switching options, from lights that use a basic on/off switch, to motion-sensitive security lights. LED security lights are easy to install, long lasting and reliable...READ MORE

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A good security light is an easy way to deter would-be intruders and keep your property safe. They are available in a variety of colour temperatures, with different brightness levels and switching options, and as they are LED lights, you can rely on them to work for years.

A floodlight with a simple on/off switch is a basic but effective option, but it means you have to remember to switch it on and off. If you want peace of mind that the security light will work when you need it - even if you're not around - a PIR motion-sensitive or 'dusk-till-dawn' light is ideal. Motion-sensitive lights only activate when the sensor detects a presence, while duak-till-dawn lights activate when light levels drop to a certain level (e.g. as the sun goes down), and switch off again when it gets light enough.